Eurocampingcars is an excellent organization to be associated with

“Euro Camping Cars is an excellent organization to be associated with”

“We bought a used campervan from Phill and Hannah in early 2013 and have gone back to Europe once or twice a year for two or three months each year since then and toured Europe in the van.

We store our van with Phill and Hannah when we are not using it and we get Phill to do repair and warranty work on the van when that is needed, the work is always done professionally and the charge reasonable. Phill and his team look after the servicing of the Ford (mechanical) part of the van as well as the Camping-Car servicing so that when we arrived the van is ready to go and all we have to do was get in and go.

To say the least we are very happy with the service and treatment that we get from Phill, Hannah and their team at Eurocampingcar. We have no problem recommending them and their team for whatever dealings you may have with them either buying or renting. Based on our experience, Eurocampingcars is an excellent organization to be associated with. We are always well treated by Phill and Hannah and now consider them friends.

We chose a van conversion, our camping-car (called Every-Ready) is basically a Ford Transit van fitted out very nicely as a home – so that we could go into cities and down narrow lanes where a full sized motorhome might not be able to go and we are generally very happy with the choice to go that way.

We chose a campervan that had a photovoltaic panel on the top and that has meant that on most days we are able to charge the leisure battery fully, usually fairly early in the morning, as long as there is some sun. Once the leisure battery is charged we are able to charge phones and tablets from two 12 volt outlets in the camper. If there is full sun we are able to charge our laptops as well. This all means that we can spent a number of days free camping and not worry about electricity. Besides the photovoltaic panel we installed a propane (LPG, GPL) “tank” that can be filled at any gas station that carries propane for cars. The tank is filled from a receptacle on the exterior of the van. This has freed us from using a country specific propane “bottle” and we have filled our propane tank in France, Germany, the UK, Greece, Spain and the Czech Republic without a problem. We have a bag of adapters which means we can travel throughout Europe without worrying about where we will replace a propane bottle. There is a gauge on the tank so we always know when it needs filling and apps on the phone to tell us where to fill.”

Happy Trails with Eurocampingcars,

Arthur and Janis

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