“I bought a motorhome and peace of mind”

First photo from Daniel and Denise's motorhome trip after buying from Euro Camping Cars

I bought a motorhome and I especially bought peace of mind by doing business with Phill and his team. When we do business in a country that is not our own, peace of mind and no worry is essential in my opinion. Photos from Daniel and Denise’s European motorhome trip We are a couple of Canadians from Quebec. In 2015 we had the idea to transfer our motorhome from Quebec to France. After studying the project we realized that it was not possible, mainly due to the cost of insurance. We changed our project and our goal and said why not have a motorhome based in France for the next ten years so we can explore Europe regularly. So the idea of buying ​​a motorhome in Europe took shape. I have done exhaustive and quite intensive research on the different possibilities in Europe and the offer from Euro Camping Cars has appeared to me by far the most interesting and viable in the long term. Photos from Daniel and Denise’s European motorhome trip We were more than satisfied and reassured when we bought our camper. We also highly appreciate the other services that the Euro Camping Cars Team have provided for us since (maintenance, storage, advice etc). We are so happy with our experience at Euro Camping Cars that we bought a new, more luxurious vehicle in 2019. In addition to being the least expensive, Phill’s advice was more relevant than the competition. ~ Thanks to Phill, Hannah and the Euro Camping Cars Team from Daniel and Denise,… Read more ““I bought a motorhome and peace of mind””

Daniel and Denise

“I’m now part of the family”

Debrah's motorhome testimonial

Do you want to own and store an RV near Paris? Think of the freedom! For me this was the only question that I really needed to answer. Following a two week rental in France, I knew that being able to roam Europe at my liberty was the perfect choice for me. Debrah’s motorhome testimonial That was truly the only decision that I made. All of the other questions, such as what, where, and how were entirely supported, and continue to be supported, by the wonderful and trustworthy team of Phill, Hannah, Sally, and Simon at EuroCampingCars. I’ve told them often that I wouldn’t have made this life-changing step without them. That statement hasn’t changed. I’m now part of the “family”. A family of owners that rely upon a foundation of support that honestly spans all aspects of your vehicle and this adventuresome life style. The relationship is personal, honest, and fair. You can trust them, the rest is up to you. ~… Read more ““I’m now part of the family””


“Dreams Do Come True!”

Motorhome testimonial from Todd & Sharni

Just the other day, parked up in our camping car at the foot of the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain, I noticed a small cross-stitch hanging on the wall of a fellow camping car. It read “Dreams Do Come True!”. The owners of the camping car, a young-ish couple from the Netherlands, were nearing the end of a yearlong adventure camping and site seeing tour around Europe. As we’re halfway into our second year doing the same, reading the cross-stitch, I couldn’t agree more. You only live once, make the adventure of your dreams a reality! Motorhome testimonial from Todd & Sharni What, on the face of it, seems to be a pretty straightforward dream is indeed quite a bit more complicated. We liked the idea of buying a RV and touring Europe with our dog for an extended duration, at least a year and maybe more. But, as Americans without European residency there are really only a few viable ways to do this. Never mind the whole hassle of the Schengen Zone. The buying part isn’t so difficult, it’s the proper European registration and the all-important insurance that can be a real issue. To this end, and to the best of our research, Phill and his crew are the only way to go. To cut to the chase, Phill and Hannah were great to work with and that should be music to your ears. We would definitely work with them again. In our case, everything went as it should have, hopefully you have the same experience. A year and a half into this adventure they still are a great help with storing our vehicle so we could return to the US for the holidays. Greece, Kalamata Marina We spent a lot of time researching camping cars and buying options… Read more ““Dreams Do Come True!””

Todd and Sharni

“We had never even driven a camper before, the whole process was new to us”

Chris and Gill on their European tour in their motorhome Honu

Our home is Vancouver, Canada. For more than a decade, we routinely travelled to Europe for cycling, outdoor adventure and touristing. Some of our best life memories are in Europe; so very early in our European travels we knew we needed to set ourselves up for a long term travelling in Europe. Chris and Gill on their European tour in their motorhome “Honu” It became obvious that a motorhome / camping car was something which would allow us greater travel freedom and opportunities. We hold EU citizenship but are not residents, so buying and insuring a camper was going to be a challenge. We did a lot of research and contacted quite a number of travelers and dealers for advice. At some point we found Phill and Hannah’s website “Euro Camping Cars” and a description of how we might be able to put the puzzle together. We contacted Phill for direction and advice. Everything then started to fall into place. By good luck, Phill was able to access the new campervan model we were interested in. We had never even driven a camper before, or even slept in one; so the whole process was new to us. Chris and Gill on their European tour in their motorhome Honu Working on this project with Phill worked out very well. He was amazingly patient with us and all our questions and concerns were answered honestly and realistically. Phill managed the project each step of the way. Over time each step was accomplished – ordering, deposit, buying, deciding on options (factory and dealer), insuring and eventually delivery. Phill kept us in the loop at every step, answering our emails quickly and providing the sort of advice we needed. We can say we have absolute confidence in Phill and the team. Chris and Gill… Read more ““We had never even driven a camper before, the whole process was new to us””

Chris and Gill

“Any fears soon dissipated when we were picked up”

Kids joined us Meteora, Greece

We purchased our Sky 20 plus campervan from Phil, Hannah and the rest of the team at Euro Camping Cars in early 2018 and went to Europe in May to pick it up. We have to admit to a little trepidation after paying the deposit online to a company we did not know but any fears soon dissipated when we were picked up as arranged in Sens.  From the start Phil and Hannah made everything so easy Phil had organised the change of ownership and helped us to secure insurance through Axa. The team helped us with any niggles like making sure our newly purchased bikes fitted on the rack to how to fill up our newly installed gas system. We went off happily to drive 9000km trouble free in five months (France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and back to France) and we always knew that if we had any issues Euro Camping Cars were a phone call away. The van was great, big enough for friends and our kids to join us for a few weeks and the only maintenance were new windscreen wipers in Hungary!  We have left our van in the capable hands of Phil and the team while we return to NZ for the summer. We plan to return to Europe this year and may even ship our ‘Sky’ to Canada and the US for a year. I thoroughly recommend Euro Camping Cars and would not hesitate to purchase a van from them again. ~ Jan and Dave Kids joined us Meteora, Greece Our motorhome in Meteora, Greece Mount Blanc, just driven into Italy from France ‘Sky’ in… Read more ““Any fears soon dissipated when we were picked up””

Jan and Dave
New Zealand

“We would recommend them to anyone thinking of buying and travelling across Europe”

Colleen and John EuroCampingCars Testimonial featured image

We bought our Motorhome in 2017 with the help of Euro Camping Cars in France. They made it possible for us to own a Motorhome in Europe. It was by chance we were told of their business. We have found Phil and Hannah and the crew all very helpful and we would recommend them to anyone thinking of buying and travelling across Europe with a Motorhome. We store our Motorhome with them and each year we travel another destination in Europe. ~ Colleen and John Colleen and John Colleen and John on the… Read more ““We would recommend them to anyone thinking of buying and travelling across Europe””

Colleen and John
New Zealand

“Euro Camping Cars takes the stress out of buying a European RV”

Drake's European motorhome trip #2

Owning an RV in Europe can require finding a rig for sale in good condition, then registration, licensing, insurance, inspections, maintenance and storage. Trying to do this long distance, in a foreign language, and having an RV ready to go when you arrive seems impossible. Phill and Hannah and their excellent crew at Euro Camping Cars have made it possible. Drake’s European motorhome trip #1 In 2017 my wife and I bought a used rental unit from Euro Camping Cars and toured Europe for 6 ½ months. We used Phill’s plan to set up a French corporation so we could legally purchase an RV in Europe. We had Phill add extra locks, refillable propane tanks, solar and another battery, which made our travels much more enjoyable. Our RV was ready to go when we arrived at Euro Camping Cars, licensed and insured. Camping in France is easy to do, with many small towns offering free campsites. Phone apps like “Motorhome Parking” list free and inexpensive camping all over Europe. Drake’s European motorhome trip #2 We loved traveling in our camping car so much we wanted to upgrade to a much more expensive vehicle. Phill sold our original camping car for us and helped us buy a new camping car that we used last year. We will be picking our camping car from Phill in late March and heading to Greece to start our third summer in Europe. If you have ever wanted to see Europe without hauling luggage and finding hotels, a camping car may be for you. If camping along a river and having a glass of wine while watching the sunset turn a castle pink appeals to you, contact Euro Camping Cars. You will never find a more honest and reliable company. ~ Drake… Read more ““Euro Camping Cars takes the stress out of buying a European RV””

Drake Bozarth

“Do everything you can to make it happen”

Once we had decided on buying a motorhome in Europe and plunging into our dream long-term European adventure, the next step was how to buy one and what to buy. As non-residents in Europe that isn’t so easy. Fortunately, we stumbled across Phill and Hannah’s company and after I had phoned some of his happy customers, the rest was history. Sund, Norway Phill’s communication and responsiveness was first rate as he guided us through new and used vehicle options available until we finally settled on a new Blucamp Sky 25S (Betsy), that has now been our home for getting on for two years. The process we went through to choose Betsy and equip her perfectly for life on the road is written about in detail in our our Blog. Sandnessjeon, Norway We had so many questions and requests that I asked Phill if we were the most difficult customers he had ever had. “Not the most difficult” he diplomatically replied, “But certainly the most thorough”. We are very glad though that we took the time to research exactly what we wanted fitted into Betsy at the factory and at the dealers because the end result is great. Acquadolce, Italy Everyone who sees Betsy is amazed at what good value she is and are impressed that as Kiwis, we were able to own and insure her in Europe through Phill’s system. We meet many people with UK registered vehicles who have to return there every year for a MOT. We didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, but buying new in France means no inspection is required for four years and then it is just back to France. We are so grateful that we don’t have to plan our travels around that restriction. Erg Chebbi desert, Morocco If you are contemplating… Read more ““Do everything you can to make it happen””

Alan and Ruth
New Zealand

“Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else than Euro Camping Cars”

Rowan and Ian's motorhome trip 2019

Don’t waste your time by looking anywhere else than eurocampingcars. We bought a new Blucamp motorhome from Phill and whatever he tells you is true. He is so helpful, reliable and honest from the day we decided to buy till the day we sold. Phill his wife Hannah, Sally and Simon who has worked there for years were so good we were treated like family. They organised our company and insurance etc and stored our Motorhome under cover. They made sure it was checked cleaned and ready for the road when we arrived. We have read other testimonials and they are all so true. We would buy from Phill again in a heartbeat. ~ Rowan and Ian Rowan and Ian’s motorhome trip 2018 Rowan and Ian’s motorhome trip 2018 Rowan and Ian’s motorhome trip 2018 Rowan and Ian’s motorhome trip… Read more ““Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else than Euro Camping Cars””

Rowan and Ian

“I could not wait to begin checking the method they suggested”

I could not wait to begin checking the method they suggested

“The blanket rule is that to own a vehicle in any European country, we would have to be residents of a European nation. A bunch of schemes show how to fudge residency. Most schemes centred on making out that we are residing with a friend. Others purported to ‘sell’ the vehicle to us on a guaranteed buy-back. But under those arrangements, title to the vehicle would never really pass to us. Those bodgie arrangements might get us on the road. But what if we had to make a serious insurance claim. Even a half-witted insurance investigator would discover the ruse. How can I do it legally? I kept digging. I was determined to find a way of motor-homing in Europe. And to do so safely and legally. I don’t want to be pulled over and asked to produce ownership papers showing an address that would turn out to be dodgy. Nor do I want to drive in fear my ownership might be invalid. Even worse, how can I sleep at night if my insurance is invalid because of dodgy or invalid ownership documents? After a few years of searching, I found the website of a Euro Camping Cars owned by a guy called Phil, which offered one-year-old ex-hire motorhomes for sale. What was more important was that this company offers foreigners assistance in arranging to do so legally. I could not wait to begin checking the method they suggested. I looked at it as thoroughly as I could. Firstly I had to understand that the French legal system is different to the British system on which Australian laws of ownership are based. In France, it is possible for foreigners to own a vehicle through what they call a société civile, without having to fake or pretend residency. The French société… Read more ““I could not wait to begin checking the method they suggested””


“Euro Camping Cars is an excellent organization to be associated with”

Eurocampingcars is an excellent organization to be associated with

“We bought a used campervan from Phill and Hannah in early 2013 and have gone back to Europe once or twice a year for two or three months each year since then and toured Europe in the van. We store our van with Phill and Hannah when we are not using it and we get Phill to do repair and warranty work on the van when that is needed, the work is always done professionally and the charge reasonable. Phill and his team look after the servicing of the Ford (mechanical) part of the van as well as the Camping-Car servicing so that when we arrived the van is ready to go and all we have to do was get in and go. To say the least we are very happy with the service and treatment that we get from Phill, Hannah and their team at Eurocampingcar. We have no problem recommending them and their team for whatever dealings you may have with them either buying or renting. Based on our experience, Eurocampingcars is an excellent organization to be associated with. We are always well treated by Phill and Hannah and now consider them friends. We chose a van conversion, our camping-car (called Every-Ready) is basically a Ford Transit van fitted out very nicely as a home – so that we could go into cities and down narrow lanes where a full sized motorhome might not be able to go and we are generally very happy with the choice to go that way. We chose a campervan that had a photovoltaic panel on the top and that has meant that on most days we are able to charge the leisure battery fully, usually fairly early in the morning, as long as there is some sun. Once the leisure battery is… Read more ““Euro Camping Cars is an excellent organization to be associated with””

Arthur and Janis

“Your support was more than we could have hoped for”

I’d buy from them again in a heartbeat

“Throughout our journey, the support given by you and your team at Euro Camping Cars has been amazing. We feel we won the jackpot when we decided to buy our motorhome through your business. Your support when we needed to return to Australia for family emergencies was more than we could have hoped for. During the entire period we have known you, Hannah and Phill, it has been a relationship of complete trust. You have provided the support we needed to enable us to have a hassle free holiday. When we needed you, you were always there. You never let us down and we trust you totally. We can give our strongest recommendation to anyone contemplating hiring or buying a motorhome through Eurocampingcars. Thank you Hannah and Phill. What a pleasure it has been to deal with you and your company. All the best for the… Read more ““Your support was more than we could have hoped for””

Beth and Graham

“I’d buy from them again in a heartbeat”

I’d buy from them again in a heartbeat

Well let me reassure you. Phill is the most helpful, reliable, honest and down to earth person you will ever deal with. We bought an ex hire van and when we arrived to collect it everything was 100% checked, clean and ready to travel. We were going to do the overseas owners scheme but as IN has property in France we were able to register it in IN’s name and save ourselves the expense of registering a company (I think that’s how it works from memory?) I would have no hesitation using the scheme if we had to though. Phill and Hannah have spent ages making sure it is watertight and I trust them implicitly. I assure you, you would not regret working through Eurocampingcars. We had a small fender bender on our first 6 month journey – called Phill, came back to Veron and he did temporary repairs to make sure we were legal for the UK where we were headed in a couple of days so we didn’t miss our ferry. That’s service! We were very happy with the price we paid and it compared well with others on LeBonCoin (a French equivalent of Trading Post). Unfortunately we had to postpone our 2016 trip due to a bout of ill health but Phill was happy to garage the van for almost a full two years. When we arrived this July to do the next trip, the van was once again clean, serviced and ready to go – including some additions we had asked him to do prior to our arrival. Advice for would be motorhome buyers and travellers? Don’t hesitate – do it as soon as you can!!! It has been the most amazing experience and is a wonderful way to see Europe. We are dropping the van… Read more ““I’d buy from them again in a heartbeat””