Sourcing, inspection and purchase of a second-hand motorhome on your behalf

If we cannot supply the motorhome you would like but you have a specific layout or make and model of second-hand motorhome in mind, we can source, inspect and buy a vehicle on your behalf.  If we do this for you, you will also have access to our ownership solution for non EU residents so you can legally buy, register and insure your vehicle.

This is how our sourcing service works in practice:

  • You brief us about the specific makes, models or motorhome layout and type you are looking for
  • We will identify and shortlist a number of vehicles for you to consider
  • We contact the vehicle sellers to get full details of the vehicle
  • Once we have shortlisted possible vehicles, we ask you to sign our agreement (a sample agreement is available in the password protected area of our website) then make arrangements to visit and inspect the vehicle and provide a report on all aspects of it for you to consider.  At this stage, you should be ready to make a quick decision because there is always the risk that another buyer will come along if we do not act immediately
  • If everything is in order and you are happy to proceed with the purchase, we make an agreement to buy the vehicle with the seller so you can make arrangements for money to be transferred directly to them
  • As soon as practicable after the money has been paid, we arrange to collect the vehicle and deliver it to our depot ready for you to collect at a later date.

If you choose this route to ownership of a second-hand vehicle we strongly recommend buying from a reputable motorhome dealer rather than a private individual to ensure you have warranties to fall back on in the event of mechanical or other failure. Failing that, if you buy directly from a private seller, we would suggest buying a vehicle that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty to give you protection from unseen expense.

Purchasing from a private individual is also not without risk at the payment stage.  A private seller will only accept a bank cheque or bank transfer in payment and as a foreigner you are unlikely to be able to be able to obtain a bank cheque.  This leaves a transfer as the only means of payment which naturally the seller will insist arrives in their bank account before they will hand over the vehicle.

Our tariff for this service is fully detailed here:  Tariff For Our Services

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