Ensuring your RV retains it’s value during your ownership

As with pretty much anything you own, use and then wish to sell, the condition of your motorhome is important. This is particularly so with campervans as they are part living space and part transportation. Anyone buying one will be looking for a fresh, clean and reliable vehicle that is comfortable to stay in and won’t leave them stranded halfway through a journey. Here are the main factors that will affect how your campervan retains it’s value during your ownership.


Motorhome interiors are actually quite delicate compared to a house so you need to take care to avoid breaking things within them. They are not designed to break but in order to keep the vehicle within the required weight limit, the lightest available materials are used in their construction so careless use will cause breakages.

When you are living in this small and somewhat delicate space for an extended trip, you have to inhabit it with care. Plastic windows, mosquito blinds, upholstered seating and lightweight internal doors are all vulnerable and the more you can do to protect them from deteriorating, the more appealing they will be to a future buyer.

Motorhome exteriors are not impervious to damage or wear and tear either. Driving and parking with care is essential to avoid unsightly damage and will help maintain the value of your vehicle.


Nobody wants to sleep on a stained mattress, use a mouldy shower or cook in a greasy kitchen so it pays to keep your campervan in great condition throughout your ownership and ensure it is immaculate when you present for sale. If a potential buyer cannot envisage themselves using and enjoying your motorhome when they view it, they simply won’t buy it. Allow time in your schedule at the end of your trip to thoroughly clean your vehicle inside and out before you offer it for sale.


Any buyer will want to know that you have kept up the routine servicing during your ownership (this is even more important if your vehicle is under manufacturer’s warranty as failing to do so invalidates the warranty). Routine servicing of both the chassis and accommodation area can be carried out Europe-wide at any relevant dealership. Always use an authorised dealer for whatever element of the vehicle is being serviced and keep records/receipts for any servicing or repairs to show to potential purchasers.

Mileage related depreciation

The amount of kilometres on the odometer will have quite a big impact on the resale value of your RV so you do need to consider this when planning how far to travel. Simply put, the less distance you cover, the better your campervan will retain it’s value. To see how mileage impacts depreciation, take a look at our webpage that details likely ownership costs.

Other factors that affect resale price

Buying a popular make and model of vehicle is important for resale value so do take our advice to ensure you buy a model that will be sought after when you come to the end of your trip.

Try and avoid being in a hurry to sell, being able to hold out for the best price will usually give you a better return. This is especially true if you finish your trip in the autumn or winter as there may not be many buyers around until the spring and summer.

Do have good quality, useful accessories fitted such as an awning, permanent propane gas tank, secure box or reversing camera but avoid D.I.Y. modifications to the interior layout as they are never popular!

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