Debrah's motorhome testimonial

“I’m now part of the family”

June 19, 2019

Do you want to own and store an RV near Paris? Think of the freedom! For me this was the only question that I really needed to answer. Following a two week rental in France, I knew that being able to roam Europe at my liberty was the perfect choice for me.

Debrah's motorhome testimonial

Debrah’s motorhome testimonial

That was truly the only decision that I made. All of the other questions, such as what, where, and how were entirely supported, and continue to be supported, by the wonderful and trustworthy team of Phill, Hannah, Sally, and Simon at EuroCampingCars. I’ve told them often that I wouldn’t have made this life-changing step without them.

That statement hasn’t changed. I’m now part of the “family”. A family of owners that rely upon a foundation of support that honestly spans all aspects of your vehicle and this adventuresome life style. The relationship is personal, honest, and fair. You can trust them, the rest is up to you.

~ Debra