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July 1, 2020

When I was approached by Euro Camping-Cars with a suggestion of writing a short article for their blog I happily agreed and then thought – what should I write about?

air de camping motorhome stops

Our “Frenchy le Van”

As we just went through the Covid-19 Lockdown in France that would be the main subject, but then how interesting can it be to the readers who, hopefully, will never have to have that experience? And then my husband Brad suggested that we write about the Aire de Camping-car Parks – a chain of un-manned Aires in France which remained open for full-time travellers during those difficult times. Brilliant, that’s what it will be then!

Aire de Camping-car Parks – – is a pretty new concept and they have been around France for only a couple of years, but it is gaining popularity and fast-growing. Aire de Camping-car Parks is a network of over 160 areas for motorhomes and camper-vans in France and now they are thinking about expending throughout the rest of Europe as well. The beauty of a chain of parkings is that they are open 24/7/365 and have multi-lingual language support which is very useful for many of us still struggling with our Français.

Aire de Camping car Parks

Our Aire de Camping-car spot during lockdown

We may be partial to these Aires after spending 2 months in one of them during the lockdown in France, but we find them very appealing to full-timers – they are inexpensive (anywhere between 7 and 14 Euros) and offer basic services such as water/dump and most of them also have electricity included. Locations are also very convenient – close to attractions/villages/towns which is a big plus.

you get to take in some spectacular sights on a campervan trip in a Aire de Camping-car Parks

You get to take in some spectacular sights on a campervan trip

Another convenience is that they are accessible with a membership card that can be purchased either in advance and sent to your home address/post restante or bought right at the gate of the Aire. After that card can be recharged online for future use. There is also an option called THE PACK’PRIVILÈGES for the additional 29 Euros per year which allows you to book a site in advance. Also, the mobile app or website shows a number of pitches available for all of the Aires so you can decide if it’s too empty or too crowded for your taste.

On our trip in the Pyrenees

On our trip in the Pyrenees

All and all it is pretty nice and straightforward approach and we used the Aire de Camping-car Parks in different locations. Some of them are prettier than others, but all are very usable and welcoming and will be happy to have you as their guest!

Happy travels! Oksana & Brad Perkins of @FrenchyLeVan

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