Euro Camping Cars clients and 10,000 other motorhome travellers follow The Tour de France

In our last blog we talked about Jo and Jose from Australia as they headed to Ikea to equip their newly purchased motorhome before touring Europe. They promised to share their travel blog with us and are as good as their word so here it is:

following the tour de france 2018 in a motorhomeFollowing the tour de france 2018 in a motorhome

We love their blog entitled “Where in the world are Jo and Jose?” and now we can all follow their adventure as they tour Europe. Jo and Jose picked up their trusty motorhome “Tessi” in Dijon at the end of June and after a short spell in Burgundy to stock up and adjust to campervan life they headed to Switzerland to see some friends, visiting Zug, Bern and Zurich. After that they headed to The French Alps, enjoying the glorious Lake Annecy and then following The Tour de France. They have even ridden the odd stage of Le Tour on their newly purchased bikes (annoyingly, they look good in Lycra so we don’t think the phots are staged, they must actually be pretty fit).

jo and jose at the tour de france 2018Top of Alpe d’Huez

jo and jose on the road in their motorhomeOn the road to Alpe d’Huez

It is hard to read this blog and not feel green with envy about their adventure so far and the promise of what’s to come. If this does not motivate you to buy a motorhome and live the dream touring Europe, nothing will.

Coffee in town with the markets in full swingCoffee in town with the markets in full swing

Bon Voyage Jo and Jose, we are all living vicariously through your blog so do please keep sharing your adventures with those of us who cannot quite get away yet!

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