Extras which make touring just a little easier

Extras which make touring just a little easier

March 16, 2016

With the experience some of our buyers from overseas have gained in the last couple of years, we now have a clearer picture of which optional extra accessories are the most desirable and handy for long trips.   We are now offering a range of accessories at reasonable prices.

Clients who have stored their vehicles with us over the winter can order any of these accessories to be supplied/fitted before returning for their 2016 trip and new buyers can pre-order too.

Gas Bottle Gauges

No more guessing how much gas you have left in any bottle – this simple gauge adaptor tells you how much gas is left at a glance. Price fitted: €39.95

bas bottle gauge

Fixed on-board refillable gas tank systems

We have now found a fixed gas bottle system which doesn’t cost the earth (as they did until recently!) The installation replaces your existing 13kg exchangeable bottle with a permanently installed 11kg
container which can be refilled from any road-side service station GPL pump. The kit includes a full set of European adapters so that you can refill in any European country. The obvious benefits are cheaper gas (GPL costs less than half the price of bottle gas), never having to lift the bottle out of the locker and being able to fill up at any petrol station selling GPL – no need to chase around looking for a bottled gas supplier anymore!  And you can even have a gauge inside the van to tell you when it is getting low. The complete kit, including installation costs around €850 (prices vary slightly depending on specific motorhome models) – we would be delighted to give you an exact quotation for your van.

gas bottle smaller         gas smaller


Upgraded security door locks

We don’t get many reports of motorhome break-ins but it would be wrong to say it never happens. We have recently fitted upgraded security locks to both accommodation doors and locker compartments which provide a real improvement in security and a visual deterrent for thieves too. Prices start from €125.00 fitted per door. Again we can quote on an individual basis if you wish.

door lock

220 volt power, anytime, anywhere!

Quite a lot of our vans now have Inverter power fitted on board which allow you to use many 220 volt appliances even when you are not plugged into a campsite. There are some systems which claim to offer 220 volt power from a cigarette lighter socket but in reality, if you want to be able to use a hair-dryer, a toaster or charge multiple “devices” at the same time, you need a separate 12 volt service battery and a good quality inverter.

After some development, we offer a 1500 watt, 220 volt system (big enough to run most hair-dryers, microwave ovens, toasters, kettles or coffee machines ) complete with separate a second 90ah service battery (which charges from the vans  engine charging system) for a total of €549.00


2016 Campsite and Aire de Service guides

The 2016 guides are being published now and you can order them on-line for delivery straight to us if you wish. Check out the ACSI guide too – they offer money saving deals for off season campsite pitches at first class campsites if you buy the guide.

This specialist publisher also offers a great selection of guides in English, including a really comprehensive and up to date guide to the “Aires des Services” (overnight halts and servicing points) in France and other European countries:

There is also a (French) website for Aire de Service throughout Europe here:


Internet access throughout Europe – the latest offers

Like so many other communication methods, access to the internet is constantly evolving and we like to keep an eye on the market for the latest offers – here is a link to a seemingly convenient way of getting broadband-like speeds at a reason able price all over Europe. Of course, you are welcome to have the package sent to us for collection when you arrive – just ask the company to mark the package for your attention. Have a look at


Get in touch now if you would like some new accessories fitted to your vehicle for the coming year.

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