lots of interesting france passion sites to visit

“France Passion”, a must-have for your French campervan adventure

August 22, 2018

The France Passion scheme is pleasingly simple concept – pay the annual membership fee of just €30 and you get to enjoy the benefits of staying overnight in a whole host of interesting places, free of charge. Wine growers, farmers, craftsmen and even some fellow motorhome owners extend a warm welcome to France Passion members all over France.

find unique views with france passion

All your hosts ask in return for providing free overnight halts is that you say “Hello” when you arrive and “Goodbye” when you leave! As most hosts also offer products for sale, you can make a purchase too but you are not obliged to.

If your preference is for stunning, rural stopovers and you relish the opportunity to explore unspoiled France, you will really enjoy the benefits of this great scheme.

lots of interesting france passion sites to visit

From cheese makers to chateaux vineyards, France Passion halts offer an interesting contrast to staying on a campsite. Spending the night at the vineyard after a wine tasting has a distinct advantage over having to drive to a hotel afterwards! You can really enter into the spirit of it and if your mission is to discover French wine, you can simply hop from one vineyard to another, creating your own exclusive wine tour as you go.

Hosts who participate in the scheme are passionate about what they do and along the way you will meet the real people of France who will often invite you to have a go their activities from harvesting grapes to picking olives.

france passion overnight stay near a chateaux

For further details, view the “France Passion” website.

Similar schemes are emerging all over Europe, here are the others that we know about (foreign language skills may be required!):





If the scheme organisers don’t ship to your country, simply have your guide and membership card sent to us before you come.

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