Goodbyes and new beginnings for Eurocampingcars clients

Goodbyes and new beginnings for Eurocampingcars clients

Having launched our special scheme for non-EU based buyers a couple of years ago, some of the motorhomes we sold to clients from Australia, the USA and Canada are now returning from their first big European adventures for us to sell them again on behalf of the returning clients.

Australians, Ian and Alison Morse returned from their big adventure in June and Tony and Julia Crozier arrived from Australia to collect their motorhome in July.  Both couples had very different agendas in mind. The Morse’s goal was an exclusively campervan adventure, exploring France in great detail and not venturing too far into other countries.  They had the right idea from the outset, exploring slowly, savouring our beautiful Burgundy region before heading further afield and they had a fabulous adventure.

The Morses say Au Revoir to thier campervan
You can park your campervan just about anywhere in France

The Croziers have a very different agenda.  They are also on a grand European tour but want to do theirs in a converted barge and have bought the campervan to allow them to search across Europe for the most suitable boat.

They arrived from Australia with their dear old dog, Buster and taking a campervan provided them with the perfect doggie-friendly, mobile accommodation to search for the ideal boat anywhere they choose to look in Europe.

A fond farewell to the Morses (or hopefully “au revoir” as they have promised to return to share a glass of Burgundy wine with us) and bon voyage to the Croziers, we hope you have a great adventure whilst searching for your boat and living the second part of your dream, touring the waterways of Europe.

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