New arrivals of vehicles for 2022 !!

October 21, 2021

We have good news for motor-home users :In sum, we have recently added 8 new camper-vans on our website, whose :
-3 CUV
-4 Profiled
-1 Overcab
this blog page allows you to discover the caracteristics and avantages of them vehicles :

Try a CUV to Discover countries by Small country road.

Being able to go anywhere, anytime.

CaraTour 630 MEG OUTLAW is a great new of Weinsberg brand.
He have one principal feature : be the first CUV with a real hermetic garage, that can stock two motorbike or one quad without any exhaust gas in the habitable part. However, it keep the same functionnality than others CUV.
A perfect choice for motorbikers or people’s who just want to go anywhere, and keep a efficient mobility.

Eurocampingcars decided to command an other model of Caratour : the Caratour 600 DQ. Why add this implantation at our collection ? To propose an CUV with an automatic gearbox with 9-speed to answer about more demand.
Also equipped with 16-inch rims to optimize the road comfort, the media pack & voltage pack : This vehicule allow too the passager comfort.

find the most beautiful landscapes.

To diversified our proposals, we commanded an other CUV, but of Knaus brand : the Boxstar 600 Solution. This 3th CUV is made to opimize life comfort, with its very discreet pavilion bed. Another, have a large fridge of 150L,
the E-pack.(that add 3 electrical outlets , and 2 lamps with USB outlets to read some books !)                                  Finally we add the Active Rock option ! It’s a tissue that is stain resistant, in grey lanzarote color, because for us, comfort does not prevent style.

Holidays in familly… why not ?

for large families who want to go on a trip, we thought of adding an overcab model to our collection, a wider model which is better to be able to move freely when you are several in it.
We have chosen Carahome 600 DKG because the 2022 model have certainly the design and the ergonomy that is the most evolved for overcab proposed on the marketplace.
with a sleeping capacity of 6 persons and 6 Seats with seatbels, this Camper-van is perfect for a family. It’s equiped with media pack too, Styling pack I, an Electric step to facilite acces for Elderly people. By the fact, it has a small peculiarity : Gas oven with grill function to make tasty meals.

Neither: let’s find a compromise !

To combine comfort and ergonomics, also purpose 4 models of profiled motorhomes. 3 models of Knaus brand, and one Weinsberg, always with the aim of responding to as much demand as possible…

also comfortable and spacious as a hotel room !

Firstly, We are awaiting for a L!ve wave 650 MX. this profiled motorhome was designed like one of the most upscale motorhome, with a pavilion bed with great dimensions (123×195), in back, a great central bed, Active Rock tissue
and a separated shower:
L!ve wave is a real champion, with an inside modern design, and better of Knaus quality for materials and layout.

do you saw this hidden bed ?

Then, we are awaiting for a sSky Wave 650 MEG, an other motohome with a pavilion bed, but this one have a totally hide pavilion bed, to optimize the space, and this model had an inside relooking, so keep an eye on it !

At last, we will received two automatic gearbox equipped motorhomes. Van ti 550 MF by Knaus and Carasuite 650 MF by Weinsberg : These two models are really specifics, first is smaller, so it’s easier to drive him, he have an
Electric step and a fuel tank of 90L : This layout has been designed to make this vehicle your best friend for a road trip. n the other hand, Carasuite 650 MF, is full equiped : you can find in it, the media pack, Styling pack I, an Electric step But also “fifty shades” tissus and a blackout pavillon bay (And that is so convenient to look at the stars).

Ultimately, All the models we have ordered are 140hp engines, and will be available during the year 2022, While from CaraTour 630 MEG OUTLAW 5which should be available in the 49th week of 2021).

That is to say by the beginning of December.

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