Planning a 2019 trip? Committing to it is a ‘now’ thing!

If you have plans to buy either a new or used camper for a 2019 trip, you need to act now. In the autumn our rentals business will start to wind down and around half of our immaculate hire fleet will be up for sale. Clients who purchased in previous years, who’s trips are coming to an end are also getting ready to sell and finally, there is still time (just!) to study the choices, select and specify a new vehicle for early spring production.

As most of our buyers arrive in Europe from long haul destinations, they tend to plan a long way ahead so our prime motorhome selling period for 2019 is just about to get going. Whereas dealers who supply the French market will tell you they are busiest from May to July, our main season is September to March so we time our maximum stock level for the autumn. We typically have very little second-hand stock left once we get to spring so even if you are not planning to start your trip until next summer, now is the time to secure your camper if you want to buy a used vehicle from us.

Committing to a purchase in the next couple of months will give you the biggest possible selection of motorhomes and campervans to choose from and you will only have to part with a 10% deposit to secure your van of choice.

If you are planning to order a new vehicle for use in spring 2019, you will need to do that in the next couple of months to be sure it will be produced in time. Right now the motorhome manufacturers of Europe are quoting January and February production dates for new vehicles. The enormous motorhome shows of Europe take place in the autumn and create a massive spike in orders, leading to even longer delays between sales orders and vehicle production. If you miss the spring production runs, you’ll either have to wait until early summer for your motorhome or make your choice from the small selection of available vehicles that remain (which might not suit your budget, taste or needs).

Whether considering a new or used motorhome, now is the time to commit to a purchase if you are coming to Europe for a long-term motorhome adventure starting in spring 2019!

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