ex rental campervan for sale

Weinsberg ex-rental campervans for sale

July 22, 2020

This week we’ve added several ex-rental campervans for sale from the Apollo hire company here at our depot in Veron.

ex-rental campervan for sale

Weinsberg Carabus 600k

ex rental campervan for sale

Shower & WC

Apollo only keep their vehicles for a maximum of two years so their 2019 fleet is now up for sale. While many of their motorhomes have already gone, we still have several Weinsberg Carabus 600k’s left in stock. Four to be precise.

What do we like about these vehicles?

Well, for starters, at just 2.6 metres high, 6 metres in length and 2.1 metres wide, they’re great for a couple that wants the added freedom of going out and about in a small vehicle. It means you can park up more easily, and get to places that our larger family-sized vehicles simply can’t reach.

They’re great for taking into town and parking up to visit the markets and yet, they still come with all the Weinsberg luxury of a full shower room consisting of a WC, sink and shower. Plus a double bed, dining table, fridge, freezer and two ring stove.

The driver and front passenger seat swivels round to make a comfortable set of armchairs to sit in as part of the interior too.

ex-rental campervan for sale

Sliding screen door

ex-rental campervan for sale

Rotating cab seats

I took one of these little vehicles out last year to Lac du Bourdon, and managed to park very close to the beach. There’s nothing quite like the peaceful early morning cuppa and a little paddle in the water on the lakeshore when the place is completely empty. You can do that in one of these.

The added bonus of the 2019 model is that they all come with a removable double bunk bed at the back. So, its actually a four-berth vehicle. Or, if you needed the extra storage height in the back for a special piece of kit, this really is the vehicle to take a look at.

Vehicle Prices

These ex-rental campervans for sale are around the €43500 mark depending on their kilometrage, but because they haven’t gone out much this season, they’re fairly low which makes these little vehicles even better value for money. View all the models for sale here.

Give them a go, take a look at our links and print off the specification details. If you have any questions – you know we’re always happy to answer them. Send us an email or message on Facebook and we will get back to you.

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