Extras to make long-term Motorhome & Campervan touring easier

Once you have purchased your motorhome, you will start to think about the style of touring you will undertake. Some owners choose to hop from campsite to campsite which allows them to be plugged into electricity regularly and use campsite toilet facilities etc.

Others prefer to stay ‘off-grid’ as much as possible – seeking out free places to camp and park in the wild. Either approach is possible in a motorhome and the more equipment you have, the more choices available to you.

After several years of experience of selling motorhomes to long term users, we have built up a picture of the most sought after extras you might add to a van to make it the most user friendly. We are able to fit this range of accessories to our new or used motorhomes at reasonable prices.

The most popular fitments are as follows:

Sunshade Awnings

A wind-out awning offers cover from sun and rain whilst extending the living space of a motorhome considerably. We can fit awnings to any vehicle with the length / size tailor made to fit. Guide price 995€ (inc. taxes & fitting).

Solar Panels

Whilst all modern motorhomes have second batteries supplying the accommodation, they are only charged whilst driving or plugged into main electricity. In general, the batteries offer around two days of autonomous living before requiring recharging.

By fitting a solar panel to charge the batteries, you can stay “off the grid” indefinitely. The solar panel systems are totally automatic, giving you full battery power at all times.

Guide price 795€ (inc. taxes & fitting).  The capacity of the solar panel would be tailored to suit the size of vehicle and battery installation.

Gas installation

Most motorhomes rely on bottled gas for heating, cooking, hot water and to power the fridge. Gas is supplied from bottles which are carried on board and which must be exchanged when empty.

The situation becomes more complicated when traveling to multiple EU countries. Every country has a different standard for the gas system and it is not possible to buy the ‘french’ gas bottles in other countries for example.

It is possible to buy country specific bottles in each location but this approach can be expensive and inconvenient. The latest system favored by our long term trip clients is a fixed bottle system which is compatible in all EU countries.

We offer either one bottle (11kg) or two bottle (22kg) system solution. Once fitted you can refill the bottles at any roadside filling station which sells “LPG” (liquid petroleum gas) where the cost per litre is also much lower than exchangeable bottles.

You can find the stations which sell LPG on

Guide price for a one bottle system: 775€ (inc. tax & fitting)
Guide price for a two bottle system: 1350€ (inc. tax & fitting)

Supplementary Security Locks

Although motorhome systems are generally very good and the incidents of break-ins is very low, we offer to fit additional door locks as both a visual and physical deterrent. Each access point on the motorhome body (accommodation and lockers) have an additional security lock with a high security key.

Guide price 265€ (inc. tax & fitting)

Window Alarms

A simple device to deter thieves and remind you if a window is left open, we can fit electronic sensors to each window.

Guide price 125€ (inc. tax & fitting)

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Motorhomes are not routinely fitted with internal smoke or gas alarms but it is possible to fit separate alarms to detect any emergencies.

Guide price:

Carbon Monoxide Alarm: 125€ (inc. tax & fitting)
Smoke Alarm: 95€ (inc. tax & fitting)

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